Different materials used to make vibration mounts


The use of vibration mounts is very common in the noisy factories where machines create lots of sound. The use of these mounts allows machines to create less sound and allow workers to work with peace of mind. The different rubber materials used to make these mounts are Nitril, Neoprene and Natural Rubber. The most costly material is the natural rubber to make vibration mounts.

The mounts made from Nitril are resistant to petroleum-based hydraulic fluids, hydrocarbon solvents, acids, alkalis, gasoline and oil. The mount made from Neoprene resists alkalis and acids as well as good inherent flame resistance. It provides great rebound elasticity, abrasion resistance, high tear, excellent tensile strength, and superior resilience. All of these materials are being used to develop the mounts to reduce vibration and sound in the industries. Their exposure with oxygenated solvents, natural aging, sunlight and ozone is limited and it can’t stand with them.