Benefits of using rubber buffers you’ve never heard before


The use of rubber parts in the machines and automobiles is highly increasing with every passing year. These parts are rubber bumper, rubber feet and many other components etc. The rubber buffers give excellent resistance to stress cracking, superior non-marking qualities, exceptional shock absorbing feature and quality traction. These are being used in household and industrial sector as well. The sentoprene thermoplastic rubber is being used to make good quality rubber buffers.

These buffers are highly durable and last for longer period in the machines. Rubber-made buffers are a good alternative of buffers made from silicon and aluminum. These are being connected to the bottom of objects with soften sound, limit floor scratching and prevent slippage. These buffers prevent damage to most surfaces and use as absorbing vibration spacers and stoppers. The rubber-made buffers come with non-slip properties. These can be customized in every shape and size as well.