3 Uses of rubber parts in automobile industry


The use of components made from rubber is becoming highly popular in the vehicles. The automobile industry of America consumes 80% rubber products in the manufacturing of vehicles. The specialty of using rubber products in automobiles is the benefit of saving costs. Rubber parts have taken the place of different materials of components in vehicles. The most common and major uses of rubber-made parts in vehicles are given below:

  • The tires of vehicles are being made from rubber. It is the most common use of rubber in the automobiles.
  • The other uses of rubber parts are common in trunk lids, windows, doors, seals of engines, cable sheathing, hoses, toothed belts and V-belts.
  • The major contributor in the economy and weight reduction of vehicle is the rubber-made elastomers. The parts of elastomers are body mounts, pedal, rubber pads and O-rings etc. It provides sustainability in all weathers, resistance of petroleum products, tensile strength and rebounding.