How Vibration Mount Is Produced?


Vibration mount is a rubber type technical material and part. In the world, 15 millions rubber parts

are produced in every year. Synthetic rubbers are produced by chemical materials that obtained

from the petrol. Rubber trees are located in and near the equator region countries. Latex is collected

from these trees’ bodies. They are rehabilitated with some acid and then vulcanising is applied by

sulphur. Cylindiric and cornered type vibration mounts are produced according to special orders and

serial production. Manufacturing can be included different sizes as to its usage field and aim. The

rubber once dried is placed into the mold to undergo forming and curing. After vibration analysis and

design, production phase is started up. Vibration measurement parameters, i mean, speed, import,

acceleration cases are adjusted and adapted to the related parts. Machinery production farms and

ateliers make role in production of vibration mounts.