Rubber Products


We work in spare and main technical parts and products by years. Each of our molded rubber products meet high quality and technical specifications to ensure safety across applications. All rubber parts and related rubber products are designed, processed and manufactured. Especially automative sector is the basic work area for us. Rubber mounts, rubber silent blocks, rubber shock absorbers, rubber buffers, rubber coublings and spare parts are developed carefully by us. These products include transfer molded parts, dense rubber, compression molded parts, insert-molded and rubber-to-metal bonded products. From this point of view, rubber technology is only one part of the solution to resolve our customers’ problems and meet the needs. Apart from automative sector,shipping, construction and machine industries need the rubber products. Our production capacity has recompense level to every kind of material and product demands. Our slogans are quality, safety, continuability and trust. Rubber products are in your employ.