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Usage Fields of Vibration Mount

Vibration mounts are used in many technical fields like motor, diesel vehicle motor, compressor, generator, pump, booster pump, machine, air supply duct, fan – ventilator, work machines, construction machines, conveyor and band systems, agriculture equipments, marine equipments, transformer, test devices, drying machine, sieve, burr machine with vibration, dashpot, pipe stabiliser, platform, pres with dash. Their tasks include protection and prevention the faults. Continue reading “Usage Fields of Vibration Mount”


Rubber Products

We work in spare and main technical parts and products by years. Each of our molded rubber products meet high quality and technical specifications to ensure safety across applications. All rubber parts and related rubber products are designed, processed and manufactured. Especially automative sector is the basic work area for us. Rubber mounts, rubber silent blocks, rubber shock absorbers, rubber buffers, rubber coublings and spare parts are developed carefully by us. Continue reading “Rubber Products”


Rubber Company

Our rubber company is in service for years with reliable and durable products and services. Our company has over years of experience in meeting customers’ rubber product needs in a vast range of industries.  We manufacture, convert and distribute: extrusions, mouldings, sheeting, gaskets, seals and rubber matting  in natural and synthetic rubbers. We strive to react to your needs as quickly as possible and pride ourselves on meeting our customers’  demanding delivery requirements, worldwide. Continue reading “Rubber Company”


How Vibration Mount Is Produced?

Vibration mount is a rubber type technical material and part. In the world, 15 millions rubber parts

are produced in every year. Synthetic rubbers are produced by chemical materials that obtained

from the petrol. Rubber trees are located in and near the equator region countries. Latex is collected

from these trees’ bodies. They are rehabilitated with some acid and then vulcanising is applied by

sulphur. Continue reading “How Vibration Mount Is Produced?”

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Vibration mounts: Better options for offices

There are many offices in which fans and room air coolers are being used instead of ACs. These electronic items produce more noise with the passage of time. The use of vibration mounts in the fans and air coolers eliminate all kinds of noises from them. It helps to give quieter environment in offices and develop higher concentration of employees towards work. It is suggested to use these mounts in the fans while establishing an office.

Vibration mounts use in fans and air coolers are also being made with the rubber. These mount come with different shapes and sizes as per the type of fans. Use of silicon pieces in the anti-vibration mounts help to absorb the loud sound and vibration. A good quality anti-vibration mount can last for many years. However, the ordinary quality of these mounts can provide noiseless environment in the offices as well as industries.


3 Uses of rubber parts in automobile industry

The use of components made from rubber is becoming highly popular in the vehicles. The automobile industry of America consumes 80% rubber products in the manufacturing of vehicles. The specialty of using rubber products in automobiles is the benefit of saving costs. Rubber parts have taken the place of different materials of components in vehicles. The most common and major uses of rubber-made parts in vehicles are given below: Continue reading “3 Uses of rubber parts in automobile industry”


Benefits of using rubber buffers you’ve never heard before

The use of rubber parts in the machines and automobiles is highly increasing with every passing year. These parts are rubber bumper, rubber feet and many other components etc. The rubber buffers give excellent resistance to stress cracking, superior non-marking qualities, exceptional shock absorbing feature and quality traction. These are being used in household and industrial sector as well. The sentoprene thermoplastic rubber is being used to make good quality rubber buffers. Continue reading “Benefits of using rubber buffers you’ve never heard before”


Create custom molded rubber parts at home

Take polymer blend rubber or pour the latex in the vessel and mist it with silicon spray. The other way is to squeeze rubber of silicon into it. This process is quite simple to make different kinds of rubber parts. For simple molds, it is highly suggested to use modeling clay. The silicon rubber, polymer rubber mix and liquid latex are the types of rubber for making custom molded rubber products. Continue reading “Create custom molded rubber parts at home”


Different materials used to make vibration mounts

The use of vibration mounts is very common in the noisy factories where machines create lots of sound. The use of these mounts allows machines to create less sound and allow workers to work with peace of mind. The different rubber materials used to make these mounts are Nitril, Neoprene and Natural Rubber. The most costly material is the natural rubber to make vibration mounts. Continue reading “Different materials used to make vibration mounts”