We give service in the fields of technical thesis, automative and devices industries, their sub and main parts, materials and products for years. Our company presents wide range of products over 8000 types. Architectural, transportation, aerospace and defense, electronics, industrial, manufacturing, medical and miscellaneous applications are conducted by our services and products. Our product groups include machinery foot mounts, cylindrical mounts, base, suspension, foot and spring mounts, bumpers, bushings, pads, couplings and rubber shock silent system parts. We are a global leader of vibration mounts, shock and isolation systems across all industries. You can see and check out our current catalogues. Our website has some technical parts and systems’ pdf files, you can download and select a product and you can call us for your orders. Whether you are in service sector or in manufacturing sector, your needs meet by us all the time. Reliable, durable and quality are our slogans.