Rubber Products

We work in spare and main technical parts and products by years. Each of our molded rubber products meet high quality and technical specifications to ensure safety across applications. All rubber parts and related rubber products are designed, processed and manufactured. Especially automative sector is the basic work area for us. Rubber mounts, rubber silent blocks, rubber shock absorbers, rubber buffers, rubber coublings and spare parts are developed carefully by us. Continue reading “Rubber Products”


Benefits of using rubber buffers you’ve never heard before

The use of rubber parts in the machines and automobiles is highly increasing with every passing year. These parts are rubber bumper, rubber feet and many other components etc. The rubber buffers give excellent resistance to stress cracking, superior non-marking qualities, exceptional shock absorbing feature and quality traction. These are being used in household and industrial sector as well. The sentoprene thermoplastic rubber is being used to make good quality rubber buffers. Continue reading “Benefits of using rubber buffers you’ve never heard before”


Different materials used to make vibration mounts

The use of vibration mounts is very common in the noisy factories where machines create lots of sound. The use of these mounts allows machines to create less sound and allow workers to work with peace of mind. The different rubber materials used to make these mounts are Nitril, Neoprene and Natural Rubber. The most costly material is the natural rubber to make vibration mounts. Continue reading “Different materials used to make vibration mounts”