3 Uses of rubber parts in automobile industry

The use of components made from rubber is becoming highly popular in the vehicles. The automobile industry of America consumes 80% rubber products in the manufacturing of vehicles. The specialty of using rubber products in automobiles is the benefit of saving costs. Rubber parts have taken the place of different materials of components in vehicles. The most common and major uses of rubber-made parts in vehicles are given below: Continue reading “3 Uses of rubber parts in automobile industry”


Create custom molded rubber parts at home

Take polymer blend rubber or pour the latex in the vessel and mist it with silicon spray. The other way is to squeeze rubber of silicon into it. This process is quite simple to make different kinds of rubber parts. For simple molds, it is highly suggested to use modeling clay. The silicon rubber, polymer rubber mix and liquid latex are the types of rubber for making custom molded rubber products. Continue reading “Create custom molded rubber parts at home”


Different materials used to make vibration mounts

The use of vibration mounts is very common in the noisy factories where machines create lots of sound. The use of these mounts allows machines to create less sound and allow workers to work with peace of mind. The different rubber materials used to make these mounts are Nitril, Neoprene and Natural Rubber. The most costly material is the natural rubber to make vibration mounts. Continue reading “Different materials used to make vibration mounts”