How Vibration Mount Is Produced?

Vibration mount is a rubber type technical material and part. In the world, 15 millions rubber parts

are produced in every year. Synthetic rubbers are produced by chemical materials that obtained

from the petrol. Rubber trees are located in and near the equator region countries. Latex is collected

from these trees’ bodies. They are rehabilitated with some acid and then vulcanising is applied by

sulphur. Continue reading “How Vibration Mount Is Produced?”


Different materials used to make vibration mounts

The use of vibration mounts is very common in the noisy factories where machines create lots of sound. The use of these mounts allows machines to create less sound and allow workers to work with peace of mind. The different rubber materials used to make these mounts are Nitril, Neoprene and Natural Rubber. The most costly material is the natural rubber to make vibration mounts. Continue reading “Different materials used to make vibration mounts”